What is correct device placement?
Place your device close to you with the microphone towards your bed. If the battery is not fully charged, it’s recommended to connect your device to a charger.
Does application work:
• in background mode,
• with the screen locked,
• with Do Not Disturb,
• with Airplane Mode and
• with Silent Mode?
Yes, it does.
How does sleep recorder work?
The application records only when the noise exceeds sensitivity level. You can change your sensitivity level in settings. Every recording is saved automatically. It also creates the graph of noise in room during the night.

If you want to play your recordings, go into “History” section using side menu (button with 3 lines at upper-left of the screen). Select first report (it’s your last night). Tap segment button “Recordings”. There you can find all your recordings from selected night.

Recordings use one of the best compression AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates.
Does application support Apple Health?
Yes, the application fully supports Apple Health App. You can activate or deactivate this under Settings → Apple Health. It writes the sleep analysis data to Apple Health.
Does application support Apple Watch?
Yes, it does.
Comparing Sleep applications:

I have some troubles with microphone. What should I do?
Some users report issues with microphone. Please try restart your device and try again. It should help you in most cases. If not, please contact us.
Do you have another question?
If you have another question, or if you experience anything less than 100% satisfaction with the application please contact us. We are determined to make this application the best sleep analysis app and value feedback from our users.