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Safe Baby Monitor Pro
Reliable and easy to use baby audio monitor. Smart monitoring detects everything what is going on nearby your baby.

Everyone knows the situation when your little one falls asleep at the visit, and you left your standard baby monitor at home (our own experience). But this unpleasant situation is very easy to solve. The solution is our Safe Baby Monitor, which is always ready to be used on your mobile phone.
Free version
Simplicity and fast usage - this was our highest priority when developing Safe Baby Monitor. That’s why we decided to create the audio baby monitor only (there is no need to deal with complicated positioning of the mobile phone and its camera). The design of our Safe Baby Monitor is very similar to any standard baby monitor, with user friendly menu and intuitive configurations, so it is very easy to use for everyone.

You could barely find such a simple device connection as Safe Baby Monitor has (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch). Just run the applications on both devices and they will pair automatically. There is no need to enter any codes, create accounts or groups. You can also use your friend’s device without purchasing the application.

Despite of simplicity we insisted on safety. Safe Baby Monitor offers sound or vibration alerts (in discreet environment), which gets activated when the baby starts crying, battery is running low or connection is lost.

Safe Baby Monitor has a minimum data usage. The users appreciate this feature especially while being abroad.

For soothing your baby remotely you can either use your voice or lullabies (integrated or your own ones).

Once you buy it, there are no other future payments (no subscription). Low price is also a very pleasant bonus.
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