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Sleep Center
The Sleep Center is a superior all-in-one sleep application. It consists of four modules: RECORDER, SMART ALARM, STOP SNORING, SLEEPY SOUNDS.

RECORDER - Records your talk or snoring while you are asleep (automatic or manual sensitivity level, records only snoring using smart snoring detection), creates the graph of noise in room during the night, takes the total time of snoring down.
SMART ALARM - Helps you to wake up easy in your lightest sleep phase and allows you to get up relaxed every morning. Improve your sleep naturally, maximize your sleep efficiency.
STOP SNORING - Tries to stop your snoring by playing chosen sound or using iPhone vibration when the snoring is detected.
SLEEPY SOUNDS - Plays sounds which are specially selected to make you relax and makes your falling asleep easier. Surely you will appreciate a function - automatic fade out time - if the application detects you are asleep, it will automatically stop playing sounds.

By using the tracker data and by defining your own factors (activities/means/drugs/custom notes) it is possible to find out which facts influence your sleep positively and limit your snoring. At your disposal there are beautiful statistic charts for simple and efficient analyzing of your sleeps/nights.

How to place your device correctly is shown in instructions.
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